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Hopi Tribe

There are 12,000 Hopi inhabiting twelve villages and one community on the Hopi Reservation in Northern Arizona. Under its 1936 Constitution and By-Laws, the Hopi Tribe consists of a Union of twelve self-governing Villages or Communities.

On June 28, 1988, OSMRE approved the Hopi AML Program. The Hopi AML Program did not apply for an Emergency AML Program, so OSMRE retains the responsibility for reclamation of “emergency” AML projects. Approximately six years after the Program was approved, on June 9, 1994, the Secretary of the Interior concurred with the Hopi AML’s certification that all known eligible priority-1 and priority-2 abandoned coal mines were reclaimed.

Aside from its responsibility to “maintain” past mine reclamation work or to reclaim any newly identified abandoned coal mine hazards, the Program is no longer actively involved with mine hazard remediation work of either coal or non-coal mines. Having certified completion of all known coal reclamation, the Program is eligible to use AML funds to construct Public Facility Projects (PFPs) or Community Impact Projects (CIPs).

For more information on the Hopi Tribe, please visit the Official Hopi Cultural Preservation Office website at

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